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Badger Ordnance is introducing new precision rifle action, M2013

Badger-Ordnance-M2013Manufacturer of accessories for tactical and precision rifles Badger Ordnance is releasing their new action. Based on successful Badger M2008, the M2013 features several upgrades; lighter, faster firing pin, improved extraction cam for lighter bolt lift, new styling for weight reduction. M2013 will also accept Accuracy International AICS or AW magazines (not interchangeably). M2013 is available short version for standard based and magnum calibers, and long version for Winchester Magnum and Lapua Magnum based calibers. Remington M700 detachable box magazine system is used as a trigger guard.

Another major features of the M2013:

  • 4143 steel receiver for a lifetime of bullet proof operation.
  • Bolt hole honed to 16 RMS for smooth operation.
  • Modified M16 style extractor cannot pull out because of hard extraction.
  • Bolt locks into the receiver using a breeching ring, which is trapped between the barrel and the receiver.
  • Breeching ring is made from precipitation hardend corrosion resistant steel.
  • Full length Aluminum M 1913 Mil Spec. 20 MOA Rail (Picatinny) held on with 4 #8-40 screws and 2 recoil pins.
  • Firing pin disassembles from bolt without tools.

McMillan Fiberglass and Manners Composite are both making stocks for this receiver, however this receiver can be installed into almost any Remington compatible stock. Can be fit into the Accuracy International AICS and AX stocks, and the KRG Whiskey 3 stock.


Length: 8.84” S/A,   9.55” L/A
Width: 1.27”
Height: 1.5”
Weight: Short action 2 lbs 5.7 oz.,  Long action 2 lbs 12.5 oz.
Number of Bolt lugs: 6 on a 3 lug pattern
Bolt Dia: .78”
Bolt lift: 60º
Barrel Thread: 1 1/16” X 16 3A, 1.37” long
Trigger: Can use any Remington M700 style trigger.
Triggerguard: Uses any Remington M700 detachable box magazine system.

About Badger Ordnance

Badger Ordnance was founded in 1982 to manufacture Pistols and Rifles of unparalleled accuracy and quality. As they expanded the scope of the custom firearms work, it became apparent that there was a lack of precision components available. Badger Ordnance now suppliesscope mounting equipment, night vision mounting solutions, accessories, tools and parts to the US Military, Spec Ops community and hundreds of Government and Law Enforcement agencies as well as thousands of civilian customers. Badger Ordnance currently manufactures over 200 items including over 70 for precision rifles, the largest selection of tactical scope rings and mounts and an extensive line of tools, gages and accessories for the precision rifles, M1 Garands, the M14 and the M16/M4/AR-15 family of rifles.

“We are confident that you will find our products to be of the highest quality, fit, form and finish. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and if you ever have any questions, concerns or problems with any Badger Ordnance product, we will help you to the best of our ability as well as to your satisfaction. Badger Ordnance is proud to be another example of the American dream, 30 years ago I was just a kid with a dream.” ~ Marty Bordson

For more information visit www.badgerordnance.com

~ Robin Poluch

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