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CZ CUSTOM – Angus Hobdell

angus-robI remember that in 1996 I got to visit my first IPSC shooting match in Europe. I was as green as I could be and I was staring in awe at bunch of guys shooting paper and steel targets, walking around with pistols at their hips in different team jerseys and I decided that I want to do this too. Few years later I am shooting Area match in the US, walking around with my open gun at my hip thinking how to approach the next stage. I am shadowing Grand Master Angus Hobdell, one of the icons of the sport and see where he plans to perform the mag changes and how is he going to approach the swinging targets. He is confident and he is one of the few top pistol shooters that likes to share his thoughts and tactics with the rest of us.

angus-shootingAngus has just relocated to the US. He was born in England, started to shoot in 1986 and when his country’s government banned the handguns, he packed his bags and after spending 1 year in Spain, he settled in Phoenix. Nice weather all year round, perfect conditions for pistol shooter. Angus is one of the few guys who were at the beginnings of practical pistol shooting, one of the icons that every newcomer looks up to, one of the guys in IPSC instruction videos. His style is clean and precise and one of the best advices that I got from him was “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”. He rarely misses and I often joke that he could make a broom stick shoot.

Angus started to shoot for CZ as soon as he settled in Arizona. Back then he was the only one. With him winning the matches in the US, CZ pistols got more attention and there was a demand to enhance them. Angus saw this opportunity and founded CZ Custom Shop. He got actively involved in R&D that later CZ factory used in their SP-01 Shadow line. We became friends.

Another ten years later I am sitting in his office admiring hundreds of trophies from all over the world and looking at his competition guns – CZ SP-01 Shadows, CZ Custom CTS, CZ Czechmate open pistol and couple of Dan Wesson pistols. I look at Angus and I am thinking about the Godfather. It is thanks to his passion and hard work that in every match, production division, the top spots are taken by shooters with CZ pistols. We are discussing new models before he leaves the country to attend another championship and give lessons and I wonder if this guy ever sleeps.

angus-aliceHere are some of Angus’ accolades for 2012:

  • Czech Extreme European Open Classic Division Winner
  • Phuket Production Winner
  • Aruba Open Production Winner
  • Columbus Cup Production Winner
  • Ecuador Open Production Winner

I am proud of Angus’s achievements and of everything he has done for CZ and I will always be grateful for his friendship.

~ Alice Poluchova

CZ Custom Shop today is a fully equipped machine shop with several master gunsmiths, professional engineer and one hell of a salesman, that manufactures, builds and designs parts for CZ products and customizes CZ pistols for all competition purposes.

Visit CZ Custom website and shop at www.czcustom.com

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