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CZ75 SP-01 ACCU Shadow from CZ Custom Shop

CZ75-AccuShadow-2Guys at CZ Custom have been busy improving and developing products and parts for past few months. And for the 2013 they are introducing among other products and improvements the new CZ 75 SP01 ACCU Shadow.

The CZ75 SP-01 ACCU Shadow starts loaded with all goodies and tuning similar to the CZ Custom’s competition flagship CZ75 SP-01 Shadow Custom. It features CZ Custom SA/DA hammer and main spring, CZ Custom HAJO Competition rear sight and Fiber Optic front sight, and Stainless Steel guide rod.. The CZ Custom Shop tunes the trigger components to reduce single and double action trigger pull, and installs and tunes 13lb main spring and recoil spring. CZ Customs also re-profiles and polishes the disconnector and associate surfaces, underside of the disconnector rail and break breach face edge. Slide stop is re-profiled for magazines with heavy and long bullets.

The big difference for The CZ75 SP-01 ACCU Shadow in performance and accuracy comes in the form of CZ Custom Stainless Steel Bushing and Short Reset Trigger System, SHRT.

The new CZ Custom barrel bushing is threaded into the slide and is fitted to the barrel, creating less play than the current bushing system. The bushing also retains the new stainless steel guide plug and keeps the front sight in the slide so no pin is necessary or needed.

Ransom Rest testing at 50 yards with Fiocchi 125 JHP (A ZERO bullet) has proved group of less than 3” compared with a factory new gun at about 5.0”. At 25 yards the groups were around 1.2” a one-hole group.


What’s new and very exciting is the CZ Custom SHRT reset trigger system. The shooter now has shorter and faster reset without the trigger swinging all the way forward in SA mode. CZ Custom has taken almost all of the forward movement out of the single action position with the trigger moving on average less than a 1/16 (0.0625”) before stopping. They have basically created a 1911 single action on a double action gun.

All the major improvements you see on the CZ75 ACCU Shadow, the CZ Custom ACCU Bushing, the Short Reset Trigger System and HAJO Competition Sights can be retrofitted to existing customer’s SP-01 Shadow.

The CZ Custom, lead by Angus Hobdell, has brought us a new product with promise of excellent performance in hands of both competition and recreational shooter. The CZ75 ACCU Shadow is available in 9mm from www.czcustom.com, with a little of wait time, for little over $1600.00.

CZ Custom Shop today is a fully equipped machine shop with several master gunsmiths, professional engineer and one hell of a salesman, that manufactures, builds and designs parts for CZ products and customize CZ pistols for all competition purposes.

Visit CZ Custom website and shop at www.czcustom.com

~ Robin Poluch

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  1. James E York says:

    Do you have a phone number i can call? im interested in CZ75SP-01-ACCU-SHADOW.

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