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Dan Wesson Elite – The TITAN 10mm

Dan Wesson TITAN 10mm

Creating the “Ultimate Combat Handgun” has been the dream of many firearms manufacturers. Dan Wesson set out to turn the dream into a reality. CZ-USA, the parent company, and Dan Wesson created a team of creative engineers, gunsmiths and shooters that I have been part of. And in 2010, the Dan Wesson Titan has been introduced.

The first step for the team was to redefine old perceptions of what a combat handgun should be. This handgun had to be reliable, accurate, powerful, and above all, capable of withstanding the intense rigors of combat. The primary task at hand was to decide handgun platform and type. This was actually fairly simple; we looked no further than the distinguished 1911. Based on the 1911’s longevity and success in the battle field and its dominance in the competitive shooting arenas such as USPSA, IDPA, Action Pistol, and many more, we knew a 1911-based platform would serve our purpose well. With the 1911’s popularity we knew we would have literally had thousands upon thousands of parts and options at our fingertips.

Our second step was to nail down the best possible caliber. This would turn into a massive undertaking of pouring through mountains of ballistics tables and statistics which covered energy, penetration, permanent wound cavity, temporary wound cavity, and fragmentation. Our first take on our ballistic findings left us with a short list of ‘optimal’ calibers, which included .38 Super, .357 SIG, 10mm Auto, and .45 ACP. After many long and heated debates, we decided on the 10mm Auto. Our choice of the monstrous 10mm was based on the fact that that it delivers more foot pounds of energy than any of our first choices. In fact, at roughly 615 ft·lbs of energy, the 10mm easily out-powers the .45 ACP by more than 200 ft·lbs of energy.

Dan Wesson TITAN 10mmNext, we looked at all the possible configurations available for the 1911. Knowing we were not out to remake or simply fancy up the 1911, that sleek and sexy look of the standard 1911 that most of us are familiar with went straight out the window. We were out for aggressive, rugged, functional, and ultimate reliability. We stared at the 1911 frame and came to one glaring realization: “It doesn’t hold enough ammunition!” We needed a high-capacity 1911 frame that could handle not only the recoil of the monstrous 10mm cartridge, but also the abuse and rigors the firearms operator will subject the handgun to. We solved this problem by spawning a partnership with the well-known and highly revered Caspian Arms. Caspian’s all steel high-capacity frames not only fit the bill perfectly, but have also stood the test of time in the punishing world of competition shooting. Even though this frame almost doubles the capacity of the standard 1911 frame, we were able to maintain a grip width of only 1.4 inches (with grips) versus the 1.3 inch grip width of the standard 1911. This gave us massive amount of firepower in a very familiar and very thin grip.

Having locked down the caliber and secured the best possible frame, we then looked to the internal components. Once again we were out to make a handgun with a purpose for operators and professionals – no expense was spared. We did not need to meet a price point and we were not about to sacrifice quality in efforts to cut cost. 100% percent of all the components are made in the USA and every single part is considered to be top-of-the-line in quality and functionality and performance. Manufacturers such as EGW, Schuemann, Caspian, Wolff Springs, and Dawson can be found in the Titan.

Dan Wesson TITAN 10mm

Some of the noteworthy differences between the Titan and traditional 1911’s include: 

  1. The ability to hold 14 rounds of ammunition in the magazine plus one in the chamber.
  2. The match grade fully supported ramped bull barrel, which eliminates the need for a bushing and greatly enhances reliable feeding.
  3. The built-in flared magazine well, which speeds reloading the handgun under stressful conditions.
  4. The elimination of the barrel bushing, which is one less part that is susceptible to failure.
  5. The addition of a full length guide rod and the keyed reverse plug, that not only cut the possibility of debris entering the handgun but also aide in its ease of disassembly.
  6. Completely hand built, carefully fitted one handgun at a time.
  7. Absolute dedication to quality, precision, fit, and finish. There is nothing left to tune, replace, tweak, or adjust.

While some may find the Titan aesthetically pleasing, the Titan’s external design is purely functional. Everything from the grips to the slide serrations was carefully calculated. The G-10 grips are serrated directionally to guide the shooter’s hand into the handguns beavertail to make sure the proper grip and full disengagement of the grip safety. The CNC-cut 25LPI front strap checkering and snake scale serrations on the slide also guarantee a solid grip in the event of wet, oily, or gloved hands. The adjustable Bo-Mar style heavy duty tritium sights are buried low and moved slightly forward in the slide, giving the operator the ability to adjust the sights as needed, or for a preferential point of impact. Last, the accessory rail is included to allow the addition of a light or laser.

The culmination of our efforts is the Dan Wesson Titan, a beastly 1911 that holds 15 rounds of 10mm, a guarantee of a 5 shot group less than .75 inches at 25 yards, and all in a package that tames the violent recoil of the formidable 10mm to that of the standard 1911 shooting .45 ACP ball ammo. Our customers and anyone who has had the opportunity to fire the Titan agree: the Titan is the Ultimate Combat Handgun

~ Chris N.

About Dan Wesson Firearms:

In 2005 a great opportunity came to Dan Wesson Firearms in the form of the world’s largest firearms producer CZ. CZ had looked at Dan Wesson Firearms for its revolvers, creative thinking and implementation of new products within the marketplace. CZ-USA in early 2005 acquired Dan Wesson Firearms and is now managing it as a part of the CZ corporate group. For the first time in the history of Dan Wesson Firearms all key business components to take the company forward exist. With CZ, the corporate structure to develop the company properly now firmly exists and it now has the brightest future outlook it has ever had. All major components, management, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales are now in place for Dan Wesson firearms to develop into a world-class company. With the union with CZ, Dan Wesson Firearms is now positioned with the recourses and people to make it a top manufacturer in the global firearms market. This history will continue to step forward with new and exciting products and innovation from the excellent people of CZ and Dan Wesson Firearms.

Visit www.cz-usa.com for more details.

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