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John McPhee: The Sheriff of Baghdad

John Shrek McPhee-64Few months ago I got introduced to John McPhee aka Shrek through mutual friend of ours. My fingers got crushed during our handshake. John has just retired from Special Operations and he and I were talking about his pistol and carbine course that I planned to attend. From the beginning I loved his approach. John is the real deal. Conflict zone deployments and countless special missions around the world is where he’s got his training. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of different teaching techniques and more importantly, he knows what works in real life situations and what skills can get you out of trouble. There is a difference between practicing at a range in a controlled environment where everything happens in the rhythm that you chose. Threats in real life, however, come unexpected and you have minimum time to react and save your neck. ~ Robin

John Shrek McPhee-67John “Shrek” McPhee (SGM, Ret.) has spent his life in Special Operations and Special Mission Units operating around the globe. He served in U.S. Army Special Operations for over 20 years and retired in 2011. He is one of the few operators with over a decade of active combat having served from conflicts in Bosnia and South America to recent war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has trained countless U.S. Special Operations forces, thousands of International Tier 1 Operators and Special Forces around the world. In another words, Shrek has been to places and he has experienced the battles first hand. John knows how to survive in hostile environment, how to blend in and not attract the attention of enemies. He is tough as nails and he knows what is important to one’s survival. He has more than few scars on his own and yet he is very humble person.

John now offers specialized 1 and 2-day courses in tactical handgun and carbine marksmanship, advanced marksmanship courses for handgun and carbine and precision rifle or heavy carbine marksmanship courses. He also offers specialized 2-day aerial marksmanship course. The courses are available throughout the United States, and range from intermediate to advanced skill level.

To book one of his courses or to see if there is one close to you visit John’s website www.sheriffofbaghdad.com.

John Shrek McPhee-61Qualifications:

US Army Infantry school
UA Army Airborne
US Army Jumpmaster w/star and wreath
US Army Ranger Indoctrination Program
US Army Ranger school
US Army Jungle Expert
US Army Sniper School

Special Forces Engineer course
Special Forces Language course
Special Operations Target Interdiction Course
Advanced Mountain Sniper Course, Instructor
Military Freefall course
Military Freefall Jumpmaster w/star and wreath
Advanced Freefall instructor (rating current)
Military Tandem course

California Personal/ Executive Body Guard Certification (Rating Current)

NRA Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun, Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer

and list goes on …

2005 Budweiser World Cup Super Heavyweight Jiu-Jitsu Champion
2004 Presidential Security Detail (Ariel Heavy) Cartagena, Colombia

John is a Master Instructor and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in:  Operational Preparations, Limited Signature Operations, Reconnaissance, Singleton Operations, High Threat Dignitary Protective Services, Extreme Long Range, Designated Marksman, Advanced Precision Rifle Marksmanship, Combat Marksmanship, Live Fire CQB/CQC, Advanced Pistol Marksmanship, Advanced Carbine Marksmanship, Ariel Gunnery (Rifles, Shotguns, Ariel Personnel and Vehicle Interdictions, Mechanical, Ballistic and Explosive Breaching, Free-fall Instructor, Infiltration/ Exfiltration Techniques, Ground Mobility, Unit Pre-Deployment Training, and Research and Development of; Soldier Systems, Weapons, Ammunition, Thermal and Night Optics.

You can got to John McPhee’s website www.sheriffofbaghdad.com to learn more about him and his courses, about gear and more.

By now I have attended couple of his pistol courses, carbine course and a driving course and I can recommend any of them in a heartbeat. It is amazing to know John him on personal level and I got a deep appreciation for his service to our country and his knowledge that he is willing to share.

~ Robin Poluch /Shooters

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