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The Well Armed Woman

The Well Armed Woman -58Statistics show that female gun ownership is up an amazing 77% since 2005. Women are realizing that the old quote of “God made man, Sam Colt made them equal” may have some truth behind it. Women are generally weaker than men and more vulnerable to an attacker. The question is once you decide to buy a gun as a woman, where can you get training with that gun in a comfortable environment? Well ladies we have the answer!  Carrie Lightfoot is the founder of a women’s shooting organization called The Well Armed Woman.

The Well Armed Woman -61Carrie started this amazing organization a few years ago when she herself first thought about gun ownership. Her first child had just left for college and she found herself vulnerable and decided to do something about that. Like any responsible person, Carrie researched resources for a woman looking to buy a gun and came up empty-handed. The information she did find was often rude or condescending to women and none offered straightforward information and products designed with a woman in mind. This was enough motivation for Carrie to start an organization that is now the largest and most comprehensive women’s shooting resource and a one-stop shop for holsters for ladies!

The Well Armed Woman -60The mission of The Well Armed Woman is to equip, educate, and empower women to want to go buy that gun and train with it in different scenarios. The organization provides complete and respectful information, resources and quality tested products that are tailored specifically to the needs of a woman. On the website women will find helpful videos and information to make well-informed decisions and to help each woman find and purchase the right holsters for them.

The Well Armed Woman -62Lucky for us Carrie started The Well Armed Woman National Chapter Program earlier this year and the rate at which it is growing shows the need and want for an organization like this. There are chapters in 33 states already and more are being added weekly!  This gives like-minded women an opportunity to come together and support each other in gaining knowledge and confidence with firearms. Each chapter provides a fun, non-threatening environment for every type of woman to learn in and be comfortable.

Women can find an existing chapter in their area or ask about starting a chapter by visiting The Well Armed Woman website www.­thewellarmedwoma­n.­com, emailing or by calling 888-572-7730. 

~ Dani ‘Oakley’ Bryan

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